Kiln Turn-Up Controls
Revised September 8, 2009
AutoMate II $69.95

AutoMate II Automatic Kiln Switch

How many times have we wished the kiln could turn itself up? Wishes do sometimes come true! Set the AutoMate II for the desired turn-up time and forget switch schedules. Combine it with your Dawson KilnSitter™, or the new Orton Auto-Cone™ and achieve total automation at the lowest possible cost. Here's how.

The AutoMate II throttles heat-up rates by adjusting the current applied to the kiln's electric heating elements. The turn-up time is adjustable between zero and 10-hours. Manual operation is also possible, and the control is capable of holding the heating rate at any desired level.

The AutoMate II is completely self-contained on a flush mounting panel measuring 5" x 5-3/4", suitable for kiln or electrical panel mounting. It works with either 110vac or 230vac 50/60Hz power. For kilns drawing more than 15-amps, a separate heating relay is required.

AutoMate II Control
    AutoMate II Controller
plus 50-Amp Relay

Buying a new kiln? The AutoMate II is also available factory-installed on all quality kilns. Tell your kiln builder you want a simple, affordable, fully automated kiln.


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